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[video] Shtukensia’s pixelart speed-drawing

I'm finishing to add several hundreds new tiles to Tangaria's tileset . Some of them drawn by Shtukensia and she recorded a bit of her work on video Inspired by David Gervais DO tiles:

Some of her works for tileset present there:

This tiles are published under the Creative Commons licence (CC BY 3.0). You are free to to copy, distribute and transmit those tiles as long as you credit Shtukensia as their creator. Some of this tiles could replace CC protected Dungeon Odissey "Xerathul's Revenge" tiles from David Gervais tileset

Moar of her speed-drawing could be found and her YT channel:

Also she got a website with gallery of her pictures

Shtukensia is not only artist, but also roguelike's player Her first try @ AO:
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