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How do I find this bug?

Okay, now I have a completely different coding-related problem:

I had a game of DaJAngband on an older computer where I found a crash bug. So I brought the savefile over to the computer with my compiler/debugger on it to look for the bug, and it didn't crash. I tried making sure the old computer had the newest compile and the exact same files. So the two computers were using the exact same .exe file, the exact same files in the lib folder, and the exact same savefile, but it crashed on the older computer and didn't crash on the computer that has my compiler/debugger on it.
I haven't ever knowingly changed anything platform-specific in the code. Both computers are using Windows (although the older one has XP and the newer one has Vista). I don't understand why it would crash on one computer and not the other. How would I go about finding this bug?

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