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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
A strong investment in crafting skills will also let you access high-level gear earlier than you "should" be able to get it -- but you've attained that skill in crafting at the cost of skill in other areas, and eventually that high-level gear will drop for non-crafting players anyway. In short, crafting smooths out the difficulty curve.
Crafting in Sil is like this except that it doesn't require any ingredients, which is better in some ways, worse in others. Actually, there is one ingredient (mithril) which works well for flavour and a bit of interest in melting down a few mithril items to get enough mithril to make a mithril corslet for example. I think this is enough ingredient related crafting without making the game into a scavenger hunt.

Diablo 2 is a bit problematic in my view
I completely agree with this analysis.
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