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I have now fought the serpent a couple of times and made some observations.
  • More speed is needed. My character nearly died to a double turn: rocket + nether breath. It may not happen often, but it would be better if it never happened.
  • I need more consumables. I tried to handle healing using !CCW, but I get gorged pretty fast, and _Curing doesn't clear that status.
  • More damage would be nice. Just to reduce the number of turns needed for the fight. With the current damage output I expect a full fight to last at least 70 turns. Summons are more common than I would have expected. It's fine with normal monsters, but uniques get in the way if they are immune to -TO.
My latest fight only removed a single *. The first fight was ended quickly as I realized that I needed ?Phase Door and not only ?Teleport.
I tried to reforge a couple of items. My weakest items were the crossbow and the boots. None of the reforges gave anything better, so I just wasted a ton of gold.
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