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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
I think the main problem with the standart set is that it's almost fifty percent weapons, so you've got about 65 possible weapon arts competing for a single wield slot, compared to only six or seven possibilities in some other slots. I'd be in favour of having a big cull of the existing standart weapons and adding in a few more artefact robes, boots, cloaks, shields, etc.
OTOH weapon slot is for single-purpose use, so there are few few competing items for that slot at any time, while for armors it is really hard to choose between what combination of features to use. Because of that it doesn't matter if there are more weapons, you discard majority of them anyway and keep only the few interesting ones.

For example if you find Aule, there are very few weapons that can compete with that, so you discard them, but OTOH choosing between Thalkettoth and Caspanion (even that they are completely different) is not a easy choice if you can get the resist and CON of Caspanion elsewhere. Then it comes to "do I choose speed, lightness & rShard over bit better AC and other amulet than this Elessar?".

Weapon is for single use, armors are game of combinations. Not all combinations should be possible in any game.
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