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YAWP - iron man dwarf priest

First iron man win from many recent attempts, second win overall.

Dump for the curious: DwfPrtIron

I decided to start with selling turned on and start equipment turned off. This way I could buy pb1 and pb3, a whip, some !clw, ?phase, a few !oil and get !boldness identified early.

Early game was fairly easy actually, I was lucky to find some elemental daggers fairly early, along with a defender cutlass. The ability to switch to the dagger and kill things was immensely useful. This kept me alive until I could learn ood and get it cast reliably.

Also a note for stats, I got to 18/40 wis, then 17str and the rest in con. For ironman characters I would forgo a bit of the primary stats for a character to get extra con. This helps get to the 18/x threshold much faster, which leads to many many hps.

I spent most of the early game at -1 or -2 speed due to all the crap I was carrying, mostly extra books. I prioritized pb1, 2, and 3 due to the useful spells.

After I had heal (c in pb4) castable to a lowish fail, I almost never used consumable healing and was able to keep a 40 stack of CCW for nearly the last 50 levels, only using one I think in dlvl 99 to heal stunning or something.

Priest is absurdly easy to win with, iron or not, if you can survive to orb. My only complaint was my low melee damage. I did not find any useful anti-morgoth bolts nor did I want to switch off cubragol.

Full disclosure:

I cast Alter Reality a few times on accident at the start of levels. I have a bad habit of using the inventory letter for books, so I would type mef to cause Clairvoyance. I typed mfe a few times instead. I doubt I gained anything from it.

Additionally I cast it on dlvl 99 on purpose after accidentally destructing Sauron. I'm pretty sure he respawns after a while, but I didn't feel like waiting.

I also casted it once before descending after I learned it for the spell xp.
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