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Originally Posted by Thraalbee View Post
Well done! No worries about alter reality, it is certainly allowed.

I nearly only play ironman with randarts. That fits me best. How did you feel about it except for as a challenge mode? Would be interesting to hear your comments on the iron-man experience compared to normal mode. Does the home and shops really add to the game experience or just make it easier to win?
I actually ended up liking iron man far more. There are no "infinite" consumables from the shop. This has forced me to play better, pick my battles, etc.

I can't store things at home, so I had to make harder choices on what to wear or keep in my limited inventory.

It is nice sometimes to return to town and save things for later, but I did find myself missing this as much. It feels like a chore sometimes to save things and manage a home inventory, so not having it is quite liberating.

The only part about ironman that I found difficult was the start. At least for a priest, my killing power was quite low until I could get orb online. Thankfully I had multiple elemental daggers and a rod or two for a while which let me kill high value targets to get those sweet sweet levels.

I stopped dying when I learned to abandon tough fights or levels. Sometimes a vault is tempting but blowing all your consumables or risking an instakill if your TO wand fails will end in tears.

Oh, if you ever TO something that can instakill you, leave the level if possible. Otherwise you may forget it was there and get murdered.

TL;DR; I feel iron man is superior to normal. Town stuff is a chore and it's easy to survive once you learn to pick battles and abandon dangerous levels. Take with some grain of salt, I was playing a priest so I did not need many consumables except for the final fight. Also not caring about gold being stolen was a bonus.

I think I'll do a warrior next so I can really see what having no ready source of consumables is like, with no real replacement (i.e. spells). At least I won't have to run from soldiers.
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