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Got a crash- coming up from my 2nd quest, currently at 50'. I just use-id'ed an unknown potion that turned out to be rCold. Tried to run to continue exploring to find the upstairs, game crashed. I had not saved the game at any point.

Worse part is that somehow the app no longer knows where to look for the lib folder. This is true whether I try to open the save file or start a new character- I get the "can't find limits.txt" error. However, if I delete the app and make a new app from the .dmg, it works just fine.

edit: This seems to happen on every subsequent relaunch. Default location for open is root.

Not sure if bug or not, but I killed what I assume was a player ghost (Antoine, the smack-talking skeleton thief), but he did not show up in the monster knowledge.

gameplay question- not sure how to get a description of a monster like Antoine - Monster recall window was on the last monster I killed, and I couldn't get it to tell me about the skeleton even when he was targeted.

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