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Originally Posted by bio_hazard View Post
Got a crash- coming up from my 2nd quest, currently at 50'. I just use-id'ed an unknown potion that turned out to be rCold. Tried to run to continue exploring to find the upstairs, game crashed. I had not saved the game at any point.
A savefile should still be there. The game auto-saves every time you change levels. The recent files list updates upon a normal exit, but not a crash. Can you locate it with the "open savefile" command?

Originally Posted by bio_hazard View Post
Worse part is that somehow the app no longer knows where to look for the lib folder. This is true whether I try to open the save file or start a new character- I get the "can't find limits.txt" error. However, if I delete the app and make a new app from the .dmg, it works just fine.

edit: This seems to happen on every subsequent relaunch. Default location for open is root..
That is weird. And 8.0.0 was not doing that?

Originally Posted by bio_hazard View Post
Not sure if bug or not, but I killed what I assume was a player ghost (Antoine, the smack-talking skeleton thief), but he did not show up in the monster knowledge..

gameplay question- not sure how to get a description of a monster like Antoine - Monster recall window was on the last monster I killed, and I couldn't get it to tell me about the skeleton even when he was targeted.
The player ghost description can be found in the monster knowledge screen, but only while the ghost is alive. It is a randomly generated monster race that is deleted when the ghost is killed or when you leave the level.

The monster recall window is not updating as I expect it to. I am working on that now.
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