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Well, the main-xxx.c files still exist, as does z-term.c, and I see NPP is still using So the old Makefile.osx* should be based on V well enough for the OSX port to work with little changes. I suppose you can do this as part of make install instead of copying the directories directly:
        for i in `find lib -type d`; do mkdir -p $(APPDIR)/$i; done
        for i in `find lib -name '*.txt'`; do cp -fb $(APPDIR)/$i; done
And yes, Makefile.osx and still exist on NPP, since it is reasonable not to expect users to install Qt just to play.
Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
NPP doesn't use any of the same infrastructure as V anymore, so this won't work - it's now using Qt as a base instead of z-term and the main-xxx code.
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