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Originally Posted by jevansau View Post
Got another corrupt savefile. Completed a vault quest and recalled. Got an error about npp wanting to terminate in an unusual way. When I try to load the save file it is corrupt. It gives the error Invalid player level (0).
Again, sorry about the crash. At this point it should take something pretty unusual for that to happen.

Whatever caused the game to crash interrupted the game in mid-save. The savefile is reads normally up to a point (For example, the last message in the message log is "You feel yourself yanked upwards!), but then a little after that the game starts reading only empty strings and zeroes.

Were you playing NPP 8.0.1 or NPP 8.0.2? The savefile indicates 8.0.1. The update for 8.0.2 has some important updates for preventing memory leaks. Was this crash at the end of a long game playing session?

Is this the same vault quest from the previous savefile crash? If so, did you succeed in completing the vault quest? I will need to try to re-create the crash. How many vault quests have you done, and have you had problems on all of them?

By the way, after the release of 8.0.2 I came across an obscure bug where a monster near a destroyed area (from casting earthquake, for example) that is fleeing from the player causes the game to crash. That has been fixed, and I am about to release 8.0.3 after I see if I can duplicate or fix the crash you had above.
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