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Originally Posted by locus View Post
Different terrain types may add some different choices, but they come at a cost of added complexity. Sil has a very tight, streamlined design, so this cost bites harder than it would in many games. Always having to be thinking about where you're walking slows down the game, and in particular slows down the exploration portion which can otherwise go quite fast.
True. It doesn't have to be complicated though (I say complicated and not complex, because I regard Sil to be a complex game - the combat mechanics and stealth for example, are definitely complex compared to most other roguelikes). For example, it could be as simple as certain kinds of terrain or tiles conferring a simple integer bonus or penalty to certain skills.

For example,
Water - penalty to stealth (splash), bonus to evasion (half your body is under water)
Sand - bonus to stealth, penalty to movement speed (cumulative with stealth mode, perhaps?)
Rubble (will need a different term, to distinguish from rubble that needs to be dug out of the way) - bonus to evasion

Heck, has anyone thought about possibly involving the concept of elevation? Some rooms being on slightly lower ground than others, so the connecting corridor is a slope. Running down the slope increases movement speed, running up slows you down. Moving down the slope gives you a free charge effect but a considerable stealth penalty I'm just thinking out loud), moving up the slope gives you a bonus to evasion, perhaps. Just a thought.

I'm making these proposals because I find Sil to be such a fantastically thought-out game with such genuinely engaging combat mechanics, and engaging AI. I just find environment effects and dungeon layout/design to be something of a weak spot in Sil.
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