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Yeah, in terms of absolute power they're not amazing. Races with better intrinsics and more balanced stats will be more powerful in the late game. But they make the early- and middle-game much easier IME, thanks to their beastly STR, regeneration, and the larger hit die (at a time when hit die dominates over CON bonuses for determining hitpoints). And it's not like they're awful in the lategame either; STR and CON are reliably important stats and they have to put much less effort into maxing them, which gives half-trolls more leeway for equipping other gear -- at the cost of course of needing to equip other gear to get their abysmal other stats up, assuming you care.

Half-Trolls also make great beginner characters, in part due to the above, but in no small part because they make such awful mages that beginners are less inclined to try to play as a mage if they're told to play a half-troll.
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