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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
Half-Trolls also make great beginner characters, in part due to the above, but in no small part because they make such awful mages that beginners are less inclined to try to play as a mage if they're told to play a half-troll.
This past weekend, I had my first win (out of two attempts) with a half troll mage and it was a lot easier than I had feared it would be. The early hit points really do help in during a fragile period in the life of a mage.

In my first attempt, the character also got some early intel boosts, which made him much more like a "normal" mage. That, plus an excellent crossbow, had him rocking and rolling until he met a mysterious death.

In my second attempt, the intel came a lot more slow, so there was a mid-game period where he was a poor spellcaster and a poor fighter. Eventually, however, another good crossbow helped him surmount that to the point where he started to get good. By the endgame, I was able to play him pretty much like any other mage.

So I would not try to dissuade anyone from from trying a half-troll mage.
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