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Originally Posted by takkaria View Post
For V, that wants to be I didn't just change it to annoy everyone; that makefile can now use either mingw (on either windows or unix) or cygwin, and compile either the pdcurses or native versions, I figured it made more sense to use the .win ending.

EDIT: In V, also automatically moves the executable up a directory, making 23 unnecessary. If you use mingw32-make -f makefile.cyg install in Un, or maybe set the "target" to "install", then you get a similar effect. Saves a lot of time.
The Unangband makefile.cyg is supposed to do this with make install, but fails (it tries a mv -f, which is not a valid windows command). It also does a cleanobjs on make install.

You're right though - I should update the Unangband makefiles. Adopting the Angband improvements is a 0.6.3 item - still stability bugs to iron out in the game play.

I've also started autobuilding the Windows port every night to catch compile errors and the like. When the new homepage is up (, then I'll start making those builds available.

But that would mean people won't know how to roll their own, which is what this article is about.
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