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Longest time to a winner EVER

Well, Ive been playing Angband for 18 and a half years on and off, I have no idea how many games over the years, and I expect nobody else here has played for that long without a winner...

Finally I have a winner. Human Mage.

Playing a version so old that it is probably the only copy of it left in existance (2.4.FN). way before all that fancy targetting stuff, you can only fire on the straights and diagonals (where the monsters can fire at any angle), and where speed rings don't stack. W00t!

The version is so old, it didnt have the capability of dumping a winner, so, screenshots'r'us.

Via facebook cos Im too lazy to put them anywhere better...

OK, Facebook wasnt working for some reason, Ive added it to my server

The moment after Morgoth died.

Character sheet



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