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There is no item with tval 50. The tval of edged weapons is 23 and the sval of a Longsword is 17. So, you want to change the artifact to

N:85:'Elf's bane'
D:wrought in Utumno
D: the blade is searing hot like the Black hand of
D: It's wielder Sauron

Also make sure that you insert it after N:84 (that is Delmereth) in the artefact.txt file as all the ID's have to be ordered. That is all you have to do.

To test it you can also go into debug mode (>ctrl+a) (pw Gondolin) and create the artifact with (>ctrl+a >shift+c) and then enter the ID, which is 85 for your longsword. In my version this doesn't work though since Sil isn't taking the ID input (could be a mac problem), so I had to fix it by adding a query for additional player input at that place and recompile it. Otherwise, just go and slay monsters until it drops.

Hope this helps.
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