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Smithing is generally a trap choice (4 points + jeweler gets you early fenorian lamps generally). Loremaster bypasses the ID game, but ID'ing is generally not dangerous and fairly simple once you know what to look for (I wrote a guide for it a while back). Remember the true cost abilities = the last ability you purchase in any given tree, so cutting loremaster might save you a few thousand xp in all (especially as all melee characters want raukobane asap).

Generally more melee/evasion is better than extra abilities (with plenty of exceptions). ~25 melee is enough to hit most things, more depending on how reliant on crits your weapon is. Around 35 evasion is when endgame stuff stops hitting you reliably (45+ if you want to melee morgy).

You might want to start out with Q-Sil from the get go btw as that is still worked on, and the changes are a net positive imo (matter of taste though).
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