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Thank you for the tips. In particular, I highly appreciate Infinitum's guide for identifying items.

For this game, I will be posting the initial setup of each character in this thread. Because a lot of my characters will most likely die in the early game, a character will only get its own thread when it reaches the 250' depth.

My random character generation will involve randomly choosing the character's name, sex, history, age, height, weight, race, and house. For allocating my stat points, I randomly chose one of the four stats until I spent all 13 points. The reason why I do this is my general policy regarding roguelikes, which is to leave every starting circumstance "at birth" to chance whenever possible ... after all, trying to scum for the highest stats or play the most uber powerful race/class combo is getting far too close to save-scumming in my book. After all, you can't just reroll life's board such that you're born into a wealthy family or a family with superior genes. Dealing with such hardships from your starting circumstances, I say, is supposed to teach you about life and about the necessary need to adapt or die. The starting experience points, however, will not be spent until the character is fully generated and proper guidance is given by at least one member. This exception is because experience is technically a post-birth resource, making it a resource that I am okay controlling to some extent. I also set the low hitpoint warning threshold to 40% to give myself a reasonable warning buffer. All other settings are at their default values.

Complete Noob's Journey: Character #1

With that set, I randomly rolled my first character, which gave me Antumbor, a Naugrim from the House of Belegost. Random allocation saw me generating the character with 2 Strength, 2 Dexterity, 5 Constitution, and 3 Grace.

So the first question is: What do I spend the experience points for? I'm guessing that spending 4200 points on melee and evasion to get them to 8 values can't go wrong, based on the guides. Beyond that, I have no idea on what to do for the 800 remaining experience points. Do I pump stats even further (I can get another point of melee or evasion for 700 more points), or go for abilities?

So this character has an axe proficiency, a will affinity, a smithing affinity, and an archery penalty. Based on my stats, should I go for a song build due to my slightly higher grace skill? Or resort to an axe melee build? At any rate, I think if I find an axe, I stick with it until something better comes around.

Which monsters should I aim to kill in the first three floors, and which should I avoid at all costs?

I have posted the starting details for this character to the following ladder link below:

Answers to the above questions and other tips are highly appreciated.
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