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Thank you for the tips everyone. Unfortunately, this character quickly bites the dust due to encountering some very out of depth monsters in 100 ft.

YASD #1: Surrounded and Killed by orcs and other nasties in a corridor.

After some research and some chatting on, I begin by allocating 4200 points to get my melee and evasion to 8, and 600 more points to get myself 3 perception points, since I observed that Keen Senses was one of the early skills that many builds obtained. I then picked up the starting curved sword to defend myself and explored the 50 ft level. I find leather armour, a battle axe, a shortbow, and a lesser jewel and head downstairs. On 100 ft, I get a cloak, and run into an out of depth gorcrow, who blinds me and nearly pecks me to death. I manage to kill it while use-id’ing a herb of sickness that I found earlier the level in a desperate attempt to heal myself. After surviving that stressful situation, I get arrows and studded leather armour, and get surrounded by a pair of orc soldiers. I manage to kill one of them, but in my attempt to escape, a blue serpent appears at the end of the corridor and cuts off my escape route. Needless to say, I die a very quick death. Pretty angry at myself for getting killed so early, and am so ashamed that I didn't create a dump file.

So now we move on to another character. May the RNG grant me a better combination.

Complete N00b’s Journey: Character #2

Say hello to Manni, a Female Edain from the House of Beor. So after randomly distributing the stats, my wish was not granted, as the character is weak sauce. But that is what life gives you.

This one takes the cake in fragility, but has a rather moderate enough amount of grace that I might consider a smithing build.

I think the plan is to dump as many points in melee and evasion as possible, but avoid any monster that moves like hell. If this character does have a chance of surviving, which build is the best option, and what skills and points should I invest in?

I have posted the starting details for this character to the following ladder link below:

Any tips for this character is appreciated, though I doubt this character even survives 50 ft.
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