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Originally Posted by Sky View Post
2 mysterious potions
1 mysterious potion
6 mysterious scrolls
2 mysterious scrolls

there is no need to use flavours to differentiate items if they have not been identified - your only marker is how many you have (so if you are at Dl5 and you got

16 mysterious potions
8 mysterious scrolls

you know they are !CLW and ?Light, just because of how common they are. But you do not need to know the difference between
a mysterious scroll, and
a mysterious scroll

because there is no way the flavour could have relevance in your decision to pick either for ID-by-use.
I'm not sure I get your point. You seem to support this "mysterious potion" idea, but in your post you point out what is (in my view) actually an argument for the opposite. More in detail: suppose I see an un-identified potion inside a monster pit. If I can see flavours, I can tell immediately that it is the same potion as the 16 mysterious potions in my inventory, and hence that it is not going to be worth my time clearing the pit. If I can just read "mysterious potions", I am in the clear.

(Note that runes work like "mysterious properties" in their current implementation: there is no way to know if a rune is the same one as my unidentified amulet which I am pretty sure it's Resist Acid).
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