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they would not stack.

the "problem" is that "a gloopy green potion" has the icon of a green potion. a "speckled gold potion" has a speckled gold icon. this doesnt happen with scrolls.

so we would need a system where if you have extended flavours showing, the potions would have a {flavour} which does not match the current icon.

So you'd have

X potions of {abda sedabda}
Y potions of {nabeda madeda}
and once identified they would become
X {gloopy green} potions of Heal
Y {coagulated crimson} potions of Berserk Rage

if you simplify this, you would have
X unidentified potions <- DOES NOT STACK
Y unidentified potions <- DOES NOT STACK

they would have the extended flavours hidden so you wouldnt see them. They would also all have a identical gray icon. Once identified, they would be matched to the correct icon, which can then be persistent over different games.
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