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Originally Posted by Marble Dice View Post
the whole notion of not being able to target every wall tile from inside a room as a complete deal breaker is about as naive as saying no expanding shadows on single pillars is a deal-breaker. They are two different interpretations of Angband's dungeon model, and they both give rise to acceptable (IMO) gameplay.
I hope I never described either as a deal-breaker. People were suggesting changes that they thought could address various problems. My point was that you cannot fix everything. I gave a list of properties that I claimed cannot all be true in any consistent model of the type under discussion. Well, I listed my preferred properties and said that another property could not be made consistent with them, which amounts to the same thing.

This should suggest to model designers that they choose which property to violate at the start of the process of designing a model. Or, if they don't believe my claim, they should first show that my argument fails to apply to the kind of model they are considering.
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