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Originally Posted by PaulBlay View Post
Originally Posted by zaimoni
A symmetrized viewability/projection algorithm would end up with the following for @
But you don't use that in Zaiband, right?
Currently (Zaiband 3.0.9).

I'm almost annoyed enough with PowerDiver's insistence on advocating a subtly invalid argument with an already-constructed counterexample, to create a birth option for symmetrizing LOS/projectability for Zaiband 3.0.10. It may go in anyway, but I have a personal distaste for making decisons out of anger/annoyance/frustration.

[I have almost made the decision to ditch savegame import from earlier versions into Zaiband 3.0.10; 3.0.8 |-> 3.0.9 corrupts item memory, and trying to fix that currently causes rather catastrophic import bugs. I have made the decision that this isn't a release blocker, two days ago.]
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