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Originally Posted by d_m View Post
The question is, what is the correct way to implement projectile path? Whatever your answer, consider the following:

@.#   @.#
o.#   .y#
#p.   #p#
Are the player's shots against the novice ranger blocked in both of these cases? Clearly, if the orc/yeek were walls, the shot would be available (according to DFOV). This implies (to me) that projectile paths will need to treat occupied squares and walls differently in terms of path-blockage.
Zaiband and V both handle this by using a parameter to signal whether occupied squares block (bolt/physical missile) or not (ball, beam).

In V:
* o blocks @'s shot of p but does not block p's shot of @
* y blocks p's shot of @ but does not block @'s shot of p

DFOV indeed would not let either o or y provide cover for anyone. The gameplay effects of this are indeed pervasive.
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