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Originally Posted by aeneas View Post
I don't know how long you've been playing bands, but I wonder if you remember Lev. He was King of Bands at one point. He won Z in <50K by abusing every game mechanic he could. I'm still pretty impressed with Lev- he was a very good player. But I have a different philosophy- I only abuse a certain number of things .

One of the big questions about Angband is what constitutes abuse. As far as I am concerned _any_ digging meant to establish a better tactical position is abuse. Yeah- it's in the game. But it allows you to reduce the worst enemies in the game to walking treasure boxes. I don't consider any win that used ASCs at any point a real win.
I've only been playing about 6-7 years, and maintaining less than four. My view on this currently is that I will change LOS/targetting/whatever in FA when I see a compelling reason to do so - and I haven't yet.

As things stand, I tend to see LOS abuse as more a player decision than a maintainer one. This fits my general philosophy of giving the player as much choice of playstyle as possible - I think that even with the most egregious abuse possible it's a pretty hard game. But then I'm just a variant maintainer
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