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Originally Posted by PaulBlay View Post
I hold that displaying additional walls (such as exterior and corner wall tiles of rooms) does not require making them technically visible or targettable. This applies to the arguments about whether expanding shadows are compatible with 'nice' display of room walls.
I'll take either of the former, though I'd like to see 'special cases' avoided as much as possible, and this 'special case' is pretty trivial, purely aesthetic, and in the long run, probably more confusing than worthwhile.

A simpler way to look at this might just be to ask "How long do you want the hockey stick to be?". The longer the stick, the more permissive the visibility and targeting will be. The current 1x2 HS yields only 20' of visible wall when standing adjacent to it, 40' visibility at 10' distant, etc. Once we establish this number, then mechanics and special cases can be worked out. Poll anybody? [cringes]
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