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C# is great on some levels, but it is my least favorite language due to some design decisions Microsoft made. I will save my rants for another day.

Anyhow, for the trailing, when I made my first roguelike game, I did what he refered to as layering. First I drew the map, then I drew the character, and made sure not to place the @ into the array/string.

I would recomend C++, if nothing more than for the use of Vectors (array wrapper), Strings (another array wrapper), and Namespaces(more elegant aproaches than putting prefixed on all your functions, avoids function name clashes :P) (iostream is a NO. Again, that rant is for another day~).

Right now I am designing a rougelikelike (as I like to call it) for the Wii, and me and the room mate decided to go with C++ (using classes) and we are just streamlining through development and doing better than if we had picked C.

Just, I would strongly advise AGAINST C#.
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