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I'm still really looking at C#. Sure, C++ has the libraries and such, but I'm sure they could be written for C# or be ported over.

In any case, I'm writing this to keep the display/input seperate from the core game processing. If all goes to plan, you should be able to use any display engine you want and not have to change a bit of code for the main game.

I believe I will continue with C#, and if the project begins to look promising, and if there is enough interest, on completion I'll port to C++ which will make for a good learning experience.

EDIT: Thanks for all your replies and inputs guys, I think it's time I started working, the paladin I was working on got obliterated as I was making my way to a greater vault to nab the junk inside (I was just going to port away as much as possible, then _*DEST* everything else. But I teleported myself, and got breathed on by a greater basilisk. Qué sera', sera'.
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