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Feature Request: Random Dungeon Size

One thing I always wanted from Angband was more variety in the dungeon even for 'boring' levels.

The idea is that before dungeon generation, the size of the dungeon is determined from a simple array that uses the current dungeon size as a neutral can go down to 1/10th that size (maybe just the room you start in, a hallway, and then a vault for a special level) up to something like four times the size of the current dungeon.

In that vein, it could also have different dungeon shapes, to a degree. For instance, the dungeon could be L shaped or a giant square or two dungeons of the current size next to each other, etc. Think the shapes of tetris.

Anyway, just something I always thought would be neat.

Another idea would be irregular dungeon shapes, but I feel like that might be asking too much.
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