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I was playing around with the dungeon generation stuff a few months ago, and one of the things I tried was taking the current dungeon size, and randomly 'blocking off' large sections of dungeon where nothing would be generated. It would pick a dungeon (based on depth and randomness) out of:
a) Normal size
b) Block off some random number of rows along the bottom edge to make a long skinny dungeon
c) Block off some columns on the right edge to be a tall dungeon
d) Block off some squares in one or more of the corners to make an 'L', 'T' or '+' shaped dungeon
e) Block off random squares around the edge to make a 'raggedly' shaped dungeon
f) Some combination of a) through e)

It was actually rather trivial to implement. I was actually rewriting the whole dungeon generation stuff altogether at the time.

(Sorry if this is posted twice - doesn't appear to be, but internet has been flaky all day)

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