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Yeah that'd be cool too.

This was all part of a larger plan of mine to (try to) make levels more interesting, geography-wise.

To put in simply: the current method generates a bunch of rooms, then connects all the rooms together with hallway. My idea was to make one room; make a path out of that room and connect it to a new room; pick one of the two existing rooms and make a path off of that room to a new third room; pick one of the three existing rooms and make a path off of that room to a new fourth room, etc. While obviously more complicated than that to implement, it was a fairly simple algorithm. Advantages are that all rooms are guaranteed to be connected to each other, no dead end pathways (unless you want them), more tightly compacted rooms (if you want them). The interesting thing is that you can make series of themed elements, eg. a bunch of circular room in an area, or double-wide hallways in an area, or ragged-edged rooms and hallways, or 'curvy' hallways, etc.

Then I went back to school and never got a chance to finish it satisfactorily.
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