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You are carrying way to much stuff. Your base speed should be +30, but at 430lbs burden, you are slowed down to +22. You don't need to carry nearly so many books. You only need 1 each of the dungeon books, and usually 3 is enough for the basic 4. And certainly sell all the garbage in your home, and in your inventory. Almost all those weapon artifacts are worthless compared to Ringil, and most of those cursed artifacts are worthless in all situations. (Calris is a better sword than Ringil vs dragons, though you are unlikely to use it.)

You should be stockpiling Healing potions (3 types), Restore Mana, and scrolls of (Mass) Banishment instead.

Finally, one nasty thing about Paladins is that you end up carrying too many different books. You may want to use use the Star, and don't carry book 3. (Alternatively, use The Phial and don't carry book 1.)

And certainly don't carry !Restore Life or Purifications and Healing as a level 50 Paladin. You are playing with fire in that you are carrying NO guaranteed escapes. You should always carry either *Destruction*, or Teleport Level, or both.
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