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[Announce} NPPAngband 6.1.0

The final NPPAngband 6.1.0 has been released. This is mostly a bugfix & minor tweak version with a couple key new features:

*The sidebar now automatically displays health/mana information for as many visible monsters that can fit. You can also use the mouse to display the monster memory by clickign on the monster sidebar information, and in targeting mode you can select that monster as a target the same way.
*Revised the sleep spell so it may be useful. Fully healthy monsters now get a full sleep counter, as if they were just created. Wounded or regenerating mosters will only stay asleep for a couple turns.
*Wilderness quests were broken (much too hard), and should be playable now.
*Revised combat calculations, in that the slay/brand/critical hit multipliers now multiply the damage dice before calculations rather than multiplying the total damage after calculations.
**Much more detailed information when inspecting a weapon, bow/crossbos/sling, or bolts/arrows/pebbles.

The complete changelist is below:

The links are:

Souce Code:

Windows Binary:

Mac Binary:

Github respository:

New Sidebar Screenshot:
NPPAngband current home page:
Source code repository:
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