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In the early game, always keep mushrooms and bad potions for as long as possible. Use them to coat arrows, and your melee weapon only in the worst cases or if you have a huge stack. Archery is critical.
Note: Coatings of blindness and confusion are THE way to kill Wormtongue.

Bags of Holding exist for small objects.

Study the map. There are certain regions where it becomes impossible to return home (recall doesn't work well in wilderness zones, IIRC). When entering those areas, be sure to be fully stocked with consumables, because they all have difficult guardians, and sometimes more than one.

For example, Killing Adunaphel, aka 'the second rider', at cl 25 with no SI or !speed is very difficult. It is conceivably possible, though, if you
(a) arrive soon before dawn, so that she is pulled from her fortress.
(b) have a large stack of oil with which to start forest fires.

Note that she is not immune to fire and is vulnerable to bright light.
While I strongly recommend these practices, I don't actually recommend taking her on without SI and decent stacks of !speed and !CCW.

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Can anybody give me newbie tips for Unangband? I mean, I know how to play Angband fairly well, but the overworld map and multiple dungeons has always scared me off, although I've always been intrigued
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