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Originally Posted by Derakon View Post
If I were to make AC consistent with magical damage sources, it would be by moving magical damage to an AC-like system. By making the system more fine-grained, you make it harder to have an obvious decision, which in turn makes the whole equipment-optimization process much more difficult. Ideally it should be nigh-impossible to say what the best equipment loadout is from a given selection.
Have you tried Torchlight? It has fewer resistances but they work the same as armor does and the large number of modifiers on items means it's very hard to choose between two pieces of equipment. IMO it actually hurts strategy, though; there are so many things to consider that people just choose randomly or use very simple heuristics (whichever adds the most to my primary stat, whichever adds the most to my lowest resistance, etc). Just because Torchlight failed (IMO) in that respect doesn't mean all systems with complex equipment decisions will fail, of course, but I don't know what the magic element is that makes the difference between a hard choice that players spend time thinking about and a hard choice that players ignore in favor of simpler choices.
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