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I believe Angband would be a better game if the most fun way to play the game would also be the optimal one.

I'm not especially in love with my lifepoints-suggestion, it was just the first one that popped in my mind.

Again, a scoring system that rewards taking risks would actually accomplish this in a way: the most fun way to play would get you the most points.

I'm not sure whether it's enough by itself. Survival and winning is more important than score to most players. Many players are willing to do even super-boring things if it gives their characters a better survival rate -- just witness how people play MMORPGs. (One of my friends used to spend hours each day to collect unguarded gold bags in Guild Wars, until he was kicked out of the game because admins though he was a bot. ) That point was also discussed in Roguelike Radio.

Maybe Angband should flash a welcome screen to new players:

"Welcome to Angband!

This game is most fun if you dive fast and take risks. You will die more often, but don't take that too seriously. Taking risks will also give you more points."

We veterans know what is the most fun play to play Angband, but many newbies really don't.
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