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Originally Posted by intently View Post
I'm trying a Stealth/Perception build that has turned into a pacifist because it's too weak to kill anything. I'm only getting xp for encountering monsters. Consequently, I feel like I'm getting very little xp per turn compared to a non-pacifist, and that my character is really weak.

How do people play pacifist builds? Is there a trick to getting more xp?
You simply do not need that much experience (no need to put much into melee, evasion etc.). What I did a few times was pick up a little archery on the way / possibly quite late in the game, but only take on selected low health opponents (insects, vampires, ururauko). See e.g.: With chars more singers than anything else you can either pick Song of Mastery via Lorien route in late game and use that as your main defence or just use Lorien with high enough song to keep opponents sleepy while you shoot them. E.g.:

With another singer I picked up a danger item just to get more experience from the encounters - I did not have to fight the opponents after all.
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