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Originally Posted by intently View Post
I'll take a look at those chars, thanks. I've also realized that the number of items you get is far less if you're a pacifist!

Is Lorien better than Elbereth for stealth?

Does Song of Silence make Listen useless?
Lorien is THE stealth song, if you play a house of Doriath singer you can even take it at start! Elbereth is cool in a different way, but pretty noisy. So it can be an escape option for a non-fighting stealth char (or good to keep opponents at a distance as an archer or maybe part of a non-stealth pacifist build), but while you sing it you won't be stealthy.

Silence puts a serious penalty on your perception skill for listening afaik.

@bluefish thank you, but basically i am far from alone. satyr and many other did it, if you look at haleth, doriath and finarfin winners with low experience quite a few are probably stealthy builds w/ or w/o song.
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