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Sure, it's true that if you cleared the vault ("if"), you'd stand a good chance of picking up two or three equipment upgrades, but you don't need the equipment as bad as you need to not die. The real game changing equipment -- speed items, especially rings, trickery amulets, and boots -- are not that likely to show up in vaults anyway. (Maybe spellbooks are an exception here, idk.) The way to get these items (except boots -- I don't know any reliable way to find speed boots) is to get to endgame depths, where they're just lying around on the floor all over the place. You don't have to kill any monsters or clear any vaults to get there.

It might be nice if the contents of vaults were more aligned with the player's intuition for their value. If you're at dungeon level 40 and you see Atlas in a vault you naturally think, "Wow, there must be something really good in there!" But actually, there probably isn't. It would make a lot of sense for the value of loot and the danger of monsters to be more strongly spatially coordinated, you know? In particular, the monster rolls and item generation rolls should not be independent.
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