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If I could program I would make ID on walk over of every type of object @ knows. So if @ walks over a good weapon and has already ID'd good weapons of that sort before then he immediately knows what it is upon walking over it. This pick up {more} rest rest rest drop {more} pick up {more} gets old fast and leads to rushing because, you know, 90% of what monsters drop are weapons, so @ spends most of his time picking up and dropping junk weapons, and of course since I play this game too much it leads to carelessness and continually dropping the good weapon and keeping the bad one.

I know I can inscribe my weapons with !d!v!k but I tend not to unless a weapon is really good (I wasn't really planning on needing the weapon long since usually I get FrAct somewhere else and I had picked up Azgha-something-or-other (main gauche of Glaurung's bane).

Losing the TO happened in another game not long ago as well that I complained about. It takes a lot of lightning strikes to destroy metal objects in @'s inventory.

EDIT: Also would be nice to have a more sophisticated {more} system. If a monster deals less than 5% damage skip the {more} prompt for his action. When activating Cammithrim why do we need two {more} prompts? I get around this by inscribing it with @2 and making a hot key: A2'[space][space]$

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