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Alright.... first medium vault. Three uniques OOD inside along with an array of OOD creatures. No To and only +1 speed thanks to an elven cloak I picked up on the previous level off of Sangahyando a few levels back. Most of the creatures that I'm worried about either move quickly or very quickly. So I decide to try and clear the rest of the level before I try the vault. Got really lucky and a Master Thief dropped a +4 boots of speed and a +3 ring of con. Nothing substantial except some more health pots and one more speed pot. Nitemare and Lokkak go first after a bit of kiting and phasing around shooting them with some seeker bolts that are hitting just as hard as my mele weapon. Logan is the next to fall but not until he summons mature MHD and a bunch of other creatures. TS with 80 life left after the dragon hit me with a pois breath. Heal up and rebuff and go back in and he falls along with the rest of the OOD creatures. 1 TS left and 2 HCW. That was close. I really didn't want to leave this 7-7 level feeling.

Going through the loot now if anything good comes up ill let ya'll know.

Sooooo.... picked up a new staff and seeing that I'm out or identify I use it really quick to see if its anything useful. *Destruction*. I just lost everything. It was in the first stack. I'm and idiot.

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