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Pathfinding - monster home

I was thinking, if there is a revolution in how monsters get woken by fighting, easily leading to entire DLs chasing you, we should introduce the concept of Lair or Monster Home.

A mob will want to do two things, once you teleport away.
1. Check the largest rooms in the level, and
2. Return Home.

The biggest change is that, after losing you, a mob will want to return there where they spawned. Not all mobs need this, so maybe Ringwraiths and Orcs will keep following you, potentially bumping into and awakening other mobs, but a Dragon will get bored and go back to his lair.

This could be coupled with having drops mostly only in lairs, like a treasure horde.

Add the More Consumables mod, New Prices mod, Better TS mod, TOSave mod, Better Status Effects mod, Light & Darkness mod, and you got Angband2018.

Maybe add roaming mobs as well? Oh and Smell should be a value attached to tiles the player has stepped on.
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