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I would just make my way down steadily, hoping to find ESP before the Phoenix gets you. My current priest found both ESP and first -TO below 90 - very unlucky, but otoh very lucky to have made it that far without either.

Rods or wands of light for safe resting recommended.

I dont normally carry book 4 that early - the useful spells have high failrate with low wisdom.

As for improving, I think you know what you need, it will trickle in steadily from small kills, floor items or minor vaults you manage to loot. I dont know if you have found any yet, but my favourite mid game rings for priests are =mouse which eventually get replaced with poison resist or speed or artifact.

The killing method is orb, not melee, at this stage. Melee comes many dex potions later later when you get multiple blows and dont need the weapon slot for anything important like ESP or /200 wis. Crossbow is great, too.
I have macros F1: targets next monster and casts orb, F2: casts orb on current target. And of course, a bless macro (F9 for me) to activate before shooting bolts.

The greatest risk, if youre doing everything right, are always non-evil awake dangerous monsters like the Phoenix. You have a rod of detection in your home; I would carry that, to use before doing anything involved like cracking open a vault.
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