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Suggestions? Here are some for you... :-)


Please don't get angry. I'm just answering your request for suggestions. Be nice.

Why can't we use ID scrolls to identify runes and curses? Perhaps as two different scrolls...

Don't you think Ring of Barahir should be an easier drop or get more attractive bonuses? I play angband for decades and EVERY TIME I find it, its bonuses are useless compared to the rings I'm wearing.

Ranger was always my favourite class. The recent changes to the game were interesting, but I think there's space for fine tuning. There are no more offensive spells, but a lot of mana available from mid- to end-game to spend mostly on Haste (my current ranger is now +35, so it's good but not not a great change) and herbal cure. What about new spells for temporary (or permanent) arrow branding (frost), runing (slay dragons), explosive (area-damage)?

The new quiver system was a great idea, but the arrows seem to get destroyed very easily from elemental attacks and when used, forcing the ranger to melee combat most of the time. The rangers could have some sort of "quiver protection skill" (an extra saving throw to avoid arrow to get damaged or destroyed).

Am I the only one who would like to keep all artifacts at home as trophies? With a different browsing system using pages instead of direct-access keys, it would be possible to enlarge the home space to keep them all. Or, perhaps, as a new building, the "museum".
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