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this flags /rfes is much harder to implement I suppose, but I still wanna propose it:

1) add moar RNG to initial equipment to class.txt
Syntax could be something like 'equip[n]'.. Eg warrior could start with:

equip2:gloves:Set~ of Leather Gloves:1:1
equip2:gloves:Set~ of Gauntlets:1:1
equip2:cloak:Fur Cloak:1:1

So with setup above our warriour have chance to get random weapon on start and also gloves or cloak.. Sound interesting.

or even more fun with magic stuff, eg 'mage' class could start with different magic rings (as we play with no_sell option, it's fine):

2) even more fun would be if it would be possible to add unidentified items at start. Then our character could start eg with useful unidentified potion(s) (donno about syntax, maybe X?)..

equip1otion:Berserk Strength:1:1:X
equip1otion:Cure Light Wounds:1:1:X
equip1otion:Cure Serious Wounds:1:1:X
equip1otion:Neutralize Poison:1:1:X
equip1otion:Restore Life Levels:1:1:X
equip1otion:Slime Mold Juice:1:1:X
equip1otion:Sleep:1:1:X // to make life more exiting from time to time

Also ring's above could be more interesting in unidentified too!

This feature could look small and not important at first glance, but it would make every new adventure more unique; would add some 'flavour' to the game
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