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That reminds me of process_pref_file_expr()... Horrible thing that no one wants to touch At some point I actually considered improving it - at least, splitting into lexer and parser, and maybe making more generally useful - but then decided against it

Originally Posted by tangar View Post
If it would be simple - it would be alright. Checks which I proposed are pretty simple - not need to know anything about coding, scripting, lua etc; they are ideal for game designers; with such checks they could achieve almost everything.
"Almost everything"? If you're a racist, maybe Why should it be limited to player's race? What about class, stats, equipment, state (blind, hungry, wounded...), level type (classic, caverns), level depth... and all other things. Being limited to race is more like "almost nothing".

It would enhance Angband customization enormously, would make really advancing (in possibilities, not in complexity) game design accessible for _everyone_, not only coders.
This is already possible. If you want to do some programming, you'd better learn some programming language (such as C).
Speaking of "accessible", have you ever tried to translate Angband to, say, Russian? Doesn't it bother you that a lot of text is so thoroughly hardcoded into the game? (even grammar is hardcoded - plurals, articles)... Reminds me of Poschengband's "#ifdef JP"...
As you see, Angband is not even supposed to be "accesible to _everyone_".
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