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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Most importantly, you can't have too much healing and escape. At the beginning, this means ~5 each of CLW and phase door; more if you can afford it. Later it means a dozen or more CSW/CCW, same for phase, and teleport/teleport level/teleport other/*destruction. Death from running out of healing (or simply not using it) is by far the most common newbie error.
This, definitely. Usually when I start now I'll buy a cloak, maybe a little extra food or an extra torch (not really that important), and spend everything else on CLW and phase door, which usually gives me 8-10 of each.

Later, when money isn't an issue, I'll carry 20-ish of phase door and also of whatever level of healing potion I can afford, unless I'm limited by weight. Also save all the teleport and teleport level scrolls you find.

One thing about weight -- don't be heavy. -1 speed might not seem like a big deal, but in fact is it a big deal. More generally, if you have to choose between a + to speed and some other bonus, the speed is usually the better choice (though it can be somewhat situation dependent, so not *always*).
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