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I had a longer break then installed 4.2.0. Here's, some experience from playing as dundan priest:
• I really like the new features. Runes, breathes, lava, new lights.
• There are (rare) bugs with some traps. I'm not sure exactly what happens, but I think it is when I step on a trap, the game crashes. When I start it again the trap is replaced with a wall block.
• Heavy weapons do much more damage than the light ones. Maybe it is specific to priests who get typically only one hit with any weapon at the beginning, and at some point quickly reach the maximum number of hits. The result is however when you find a decent lance, you can forget of daggers, swords until you start finding greater weapons. So many artifacts or ego weapons can't get any use.
• I found boots of Wormtongue. I'm not sure if it's allowed to post spoilers on the forum, so let me just just write that they have a rune that no other item has, and it doesn't seem to do anything (unless I miss something!...). I wonder if this is a bug.
• Even if I set to ignore every type of money, I can still see them with the detection abilities. Is it intentional?
• Newly added monsters (e.g. witches, trees, blackguards) miss sprites (I think the ones I used were 8x8)
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