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Originally Posted by ctate View Post
I'd suggest that you not worry about setting up a full-blown VS solution for now, and just try to build from the command line using the Makefile.nmake that I added to the source tree a few days ago in this post. Does that work for you? If so, you can run the executable alone from within the VS debugger, and that should work to get you started with debugging the current code.

I can jot up more detailed instructions on how exactly I set up my VS2005 solution file, but that's at home so I don't have access right now.
Thanks for the continued help. It will make a big difference for me later on, as I keep the Borg and screensaver updated.

I ran into a few problems though. This was my trail:
1. Download and unzip the src files.
2. Download and unzip the \lib files
3. Get you makefile.nmake
4. In a cmd shell prompt typed Nmake /F makefile.nmake

I am able to get a nice compile and and EXE file using your method above, but the file doesn't do anything. The command prompt advances to the next line so I could do something else there if I needed to, but Angband does not run. If the \lib file is renamed or deleted, I get an angband popup error to that effect. But there is no Angband window, or anything. Its like it is failing at creating the interface. So yours works ok?

This problem only seems to exist on my laptop. If I copy the exe file to my desktop, then it seems to work, though slowly.

I must have missed a config option or something. I compiled it straight out of the box, no edits or anything.

Any thoughts?

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